Solar lender's rates are higher than a home equity line of credit. They are secured by the equipment only, with no lien placed on your home. The lenders charge upfront "Dealer Fees" to enable lower interest rates. The lower the rate, the higher this Fee. Dealer Fees are added to the price of your system, and eligible for the 30% Income Tax Credit. Loans typically re-amortize after 18 months, and call for the borrower to make a one-time lump payment equal to their ITC prior to re-amortization.

SolarCal uses GoodLeap and Mosaic, the top two U.S. lenders for sustainable home improvements. Both are integrated into our proposal platform, OpenSolar. Loan approval often takes only one day. There is typically no penalty for pre-payment.



A top solar lender in the country,  GoodLeap (formerly LoanPal) is responsible for over 40% of the solar loan market. They employ about 1,300 people and are headquartered in Roseville, California.

GoodLeap consistently receives the highest customer reviews in their industry. They service their own loans, even if sold. Though your loan might be $1-2 higher per month, the superior service is more than worth it.

Bundle sustainable home improvement financing and your home loan with their Go Green Refi® and save  money every month with special interest rates, expedited loan processing and zero lender fees.

GoodLeap donates $40 per loan to its foundation, GivePower, which provides clean drinking water for one person for four years.


Mosaic is a clean energy fin-tech company based in Oakland, California. Founded in 2010, Mosaic created its initial business model using crowdfunding principals to offer loans for commercial solar development projects. After shifting its model in 2014, Mosaic is now focused on financing residential solar projects by leveraging third party capital partners. Through this model, the company aims to democratize the social and environmental benefits of clean energy.

A popular loan from Mosaic is their PowerSwitch ZERO program. There are no payments for 12 or 18 months – interest is charged from the start of loan only if the principal balance is not paid in full within deferred interest period. If you plan to pay the loan in full during this period, be sure to choose the highest interest rate to get avoid the Dealer Fee.

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