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Smart EV Charger

The SolarEdge Smart EV Charger is a Wi-Fi enabled, level 2 charging station, offering full charging control: remote activation, smart scheduling, and LED charging status.

When connected to the Energy Hub inverter: it charges with 100% renewable energy using excess-solar mode, and synchronizes with the full SolarEdge ecosystem, all managed by a single mobile app. Ideal in cases where the inverter is located far from the vehicle.

Rated for indoor or outdoor use
Use with a SolarEdge system or separately
Up to 40A (9.6kW) charging power.

5 Year Limited Warranty
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LCS-30 EV Charger

SolarCal offers all Clipper Creek charger models.

Electric vehicle owners can take full advantage of their existing 30 Amp circuits with the LCS-30 electric vehicle charging station from ClipperCreek for installation and operation flexibility.

Automatic Circuit Reclosure: In the event of a minor power fault, the built-in reclosure timer will continue re-checking conditions and begin charging again when possible.

Pairs with Enphase systems
Charging status lights
One of the smallest units available
Lockable SAE J1772 Connector
Wall Mount J1772 Connector Holster
Connector Lock & Keys
Stores charge cable out of the way
25 feet of charging cable
Minimal standby power consumption
Install indoors or outdoors
24 amps of charging power

3 Year Limited Warranty
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Clipper Creek EV charger

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