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The Enphase Energy System with IQ8 comes in four different configurations:

- Solar Only:  IQ 8 Microinverters + IQ Combiner
- Sunlight Backup: adds a System Controller. Use panels during a grid shutdown
- Home Essentials Backup: has a 3.36 kWh battery
- Full Energy Independence has a 10.08 kWh battery

The first configuration is a standard grid-tied system, the remaining configurations are grid-agnostic systems which need an Enphase System Controller to island the home during an outage. The system is fully modular. Homeowners with Sunlight Backup will be poised to add a battery as their budget allows, or as the situation demands.

Sunlight backup system

IQ8 Microinverter

Enphase's newest IQ8 Microinverters are the industry’s first grid-forming microinverters with split-phase power conversion capability to convert DC power to AC power efficiently. The brain of the semiconductor-based microinverter is a proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) that enables the microinverter to operate in grid-tied or off-grid modes. This chip is built in advanced 55nm technology with high speed digital logic and has super-fast response times to changing loads and grid events, alleviating constraints on battery sizing for home energy systems.

Produce power even when the grid is down
More than one million cumulative hours of testing
Class II double-insulated enclosure
Optimized for the latest high-powered PV modules

Complies with the latest advanced grid support
Remote automatic updates for the latest grid requirements

25 Year Limited Warranty
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IQ System Contoller

The Enphase IQ System Controller 2 connects the home to grid power, the IQ Battery system, and solar PV. It provides microgrid interconnection device (MID) functionality by automatically detecting and seamlessly transitioning the home energy system from grid power to backup power in the event of a grid failure. It consolidates interconnection equipment into a single enclosure and streamlines grid independent capabilities of PV and storage installations by providing a consistent, pre-wired solution for residential applications

Dimensions 19.7" x 36" x 9.7"
Weight 87 lbs
Wall Mount

10 Year Limited Warranty
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IQ load controller

IQ Load Controller

The IQ Load Controller is a complete solution to use the load control feature of the IQ System Controller.

Prioritize essential appliances during a grid outage to optimize energy consumption and prolong battery life.

Choose from three load control modes for flexibility or manually control loads from the Enphase App.

Designed for indoor or outdoor installations

5 Year Warranty
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IQ Battery 3T

Fully integrated AC battery system
4 embedded IQ8X-BAT Microinverters
Stable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry for maximum safety and longevity
Quick and easy plug-and-play installation
Remote software and firmware upgrades
Grid-forming capability for backup operation
Mobile app-based monitoring and control
Support for self consumption
Utility time of use (TOU) optimization

Power rating: 1.28 kW
Energy capacity: 3.36 kWh
Peak output power: 1.92 kVA
Rated output power: 1.28 kVA
DC round trip efficiency: 96%
AC round trip efficiency: 89%
Length 188 mm, Width 430 mm Height 775 mm
Weight 107.6 lbs
Lithium Iron Chemistry

10-year limited warranty
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IQ Battery 10T

The Enphase IQ Battery 10T all-in-one AC-coupled storage system is reliable, smart, simple, and safe.

It is comprised of three base IQ Battery 3T storage units, has a total usable energy capacity of 10.08 kWh and twelve embedded grid-forming microinverters with 3.84 kW power rating.

Power rating: 3.84 kW
Energy capacity: 10.08 kWh
Peak output power: 5.76 kVA
Rated output power: 3.84 kVA
DC round trip efficiency: 96%
AC round trip efficiency: 89%
Length 319.02 mm, Width, 1283 mm, Height 775 mm
Weight 316.5 lbs
Lithium Iron Chemistry

10-year limited warranty
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Enphase Enlighten Monitoring App

Enphase Lithium Iron Battery Chemistry

Source: Enphase.com/homeowners
Source: Enphase.com/homeowners

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